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Pilates and Physical Therapy

Pilates is an amazing system of exercises that focuses on core stabilization, flexibility, alignment, posture, and full body strengthening. This method of strengthening can be an incredible therapeutic tool that focuses on mindful movement, proper body mechanics and core integration.  This type of strengthening can be very valuable for patients in helping them learn to move from the deep core muscles, while improving flexibility, and developing an understanding proper movement strategy.  This studio is equipped with the essential Pilates equipment, and treatment may incorporate use of the equipment when appropriate.



Unlike physical therapy sessions at most clinics, therapists at Debra Goodman Physical Therapy will spend an hour with each patient individually. Patients will never feel rushed. Treatment will be individualized to each patient’s particular needs.


The region where people have symptoms is often not where the source of the problem lies. Many traditional clinicians only treat the area where the pain is located and never get to the root of the problem causing pain to return. Patients treated at  Debra Goodman Physical Therapy will have the benefit of an examination of the whole body, not just the injured site. In addition, a person’s lifestyle, occupation, and emotional state will be taken into account when prescribing treatment regimens.


Through the use of manual therapy techniques including myofascial release, deep tissue massage, joint mobilization, muscle-energy techniques, and cranial sacral therapy, proper body alignment is restored, and then patients are instructed in a specific exercise program tailored to their individual needs.

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